The Listin Diario during 2018

The year 2018 closes with being the the third most visited website, based on dominican entries, only behind Google and YouTube. The Listin already receives, on average, 12 million visits per month, a fact that has been possible by a succession of own record establishments, which have allowed us to exceed our previously highest … Continue reading The Listin Diario during 2018

The new rhythms of the integrated newsrooms

Since printed media ceased to be the center of gravity for the news in order to start sharing that hegemonic role with their digital platforms, the work rhythms of the traditional editorial board have been modified to be able to respond to the newer information strategies of multimedia. Now, the news searches for both platforms … Continue reading The new rhythms of the integrated newsrooms

The trend towards the “tabloidization”

Ten years ago, the top formats of the traditional and printed press began experiencing changes in width and height, in response to the various factors that have affected the newspapers industry and its respective reading habits in this era of digital transition. We've entered, since then, into some dynamics of transformations that have accelerated the … Continue reading The trend towards the “tabloidization”