The digital dive

The greatest newspapers of today haven't yet feared the digital plunge; partly because they are pioneers of a journalistic model that puts together several resources at once (text, audio, video and graphics), in a lively and interactive way to keep a good relationship with the audiences. The most recent reinventions or transformations of such traditional … Continue reading The digital dive

The different hemispheres of the integrated newsrooms

Just like in the structure of the human brain, there's two hemispheres within the modern media newsrooms that share the task of harmoniously articulating the practices and strategies of the newest journalism model during this digital age. So as the right hemisphere of the brain controls the muscles of the left side of the body … Continue reading The different hemispheres of the integrated newsrooms

The painful transformation

Through the fascinating and challenging process of linking the printed platform with the digital, there are plenty of sections of a newsroom that must be either readjusted or discarded so that they comply with the new modalities of the professional journalism within the current social communications scheme. In the traditional model, the sections of a … Continue reading The painful transformation