The digital dive

The greatest newspapers of today haven't yet feared the digital plunge; partly because they are pioneers of a journalistic model that puts together several resources at once (text, audio, video and graphics), in a lively and interactive way to keep a good relationship with the audiences. The most recent reinventions or transformations of such traditional … Continue reading The digital dive

Carrying a journalism of quality to the networks

The exercise of high-quality journalism on the digital platforms, is the inevitable path to take for the reinvention of the printed one, which has discovered in such networks a nourishing field of wider audiences and income. The commitment to the depth of information, the antithesis of the superficiality that characterizes the bulk of data that … Continue reading Carrying a journalism of quality to the networks

The provocative theory of “less is better”

Under the new culture of social communications, the habitual readers prefer two fundamental things: to learn about what's happening in as least time as possible, and to not have any doubts about reliability. The front door is the headlined by the titles of the news. If those are not appealing, readers will move their eyes … Continue reading The provocative theory of “less is better”